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Help For Motorists

At the Law Office of C.F. Cowan, P.L.L.C., our only focus is traffic law. We created for people who receive speeding tickets or other traffic citations. While every case is different, we strive to obtain favorable results for our clients. Depending on the court and the facts, a favorable result may be a dismissal, a reduction to a non-moving violation, a reduction to a no-points violation, or some other outcome beneficial to the client.

When people choose our firm, our goal is to make the process as effective, convenient, easy, and inexpensive as possible. In many traffic cases, the client does not even have to go to court. Rather, we do our best to spare the client the inconvenience of taking time off from work, rushing through traffic to get to court, waiting sometimes hours for the case to be called, oftentimes only for the case to be continued.

Photo of Christopher Cowan
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As part of the process, we endeavor to provide the client with a fair assessment of his or her traffic case. This includes the potential outcomes of the case. We then work hard to obtain the best possible results. Nothing makes us happier than obtaining a good result for the client. That is why we dedicated to helping motorists with their traffic tickets.

Do Not Pay For Your Ticket Before Speaking With A Traffic Lawyer

You may be tempted to prepay your traffic ticket. While this option may seem to be convenient, the result can be quite costly and frankly inconvenient. If you prepay your ticket, the following will happen:

  • Your prepayment will be treated as a guilty plea and admission of fault.
  • You will be convicted of all offenses charged in the traffic ticket.
  • All traffic convictions arising from the prepayment will be reported to Ohio BMV.
  • If licensed in Ohio, any applicable points will be added to your driving record.
  • If licensed in another state, the convictions will be reported to this other state and subject this other state’s rules.
  • Depending on your conviction, driving record and state of licensure, your privilege to drive could be subject to suspension.
  • Prosecutors will forever be able to see the convictions on your driving record. Despite the common misconception, the convictions to not drop off and disappear.
  • Traffic convictions may appear on background checks run by employers and professional licensing authorities.
  • Traffic convictions may result in employer related sanctions, particularly if you drive a company vehicle or otherwise drive for a living.
  • Your auto insurance premiums may increase.

We can help you work toward getting your traffic ticket dismissed, or reduced to a nonmoving violation, a no-points violation, or a lesser offense.

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Ignoring your traffic ticket will not make it go away. When you are contending with a traffic ticket, work with an experienced traffic attorney to protect your driver’s license and your future. Call us anytime — day or night — or complete our online contact form to reach us regarding your traffic ticket. We can help you with your traffic ticket, whether charge is in the City of Columbus or any other central Ohio jurisdiction.